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Welcome to Somers Studio

Paul Somers is the founder of Somers Studio, a Chicago-based design and illustration studio known for its iconoclastic, cubism-meets-Looney Tunes style. His brilliant use of loose line and unexpected merging of vibrant colors create arresting images that are by turns humorous, startling, and satirical. Somers studio takes an intelligent and pragmatic approach to solving design challenges. Using research, strategy, and insight to deliver the highest level of visual and conceptual impact.

Somers Studio's client list includes: Corgi Usa, HBO, Modern Cartoons, Nickelodeon, Pringles, ScottForesman Publishing, TJMaxx, USG Corporation, US Postal Service, and Xerox. Additionally, Somers work has found its way onto ceramic dinnerware and tiles, murals, fine art, greeting cards, furniture, and sportswear. For more info about Somers Studio contact or phone 312. 730. 8119